Domestic Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Can a lift be installed in a building with a concrete pad floor…?

Yes – A fully enclosed lifting system from Supreme Hoists is designed to be used when it is too difficult or too costly to bore a hole in the ground – or you just need a better lift with a more stable lift carriage with walls and a ceiling.

Light beam doorway is utilized in lieu of the standard sliding doors normally found in lift of this quality, this is much more economical in terms of cost and space in a residential situation.

How long have you been producing Domestic Style Enclosed Lifts…?

Our first lift of this type was manufactured in 2007 – an eleven person commercial passenger lift equipped with fermator sliding doors on both carriage and shaft entrances, all in polished stainless steel. The whole landing was installed in a very shallow lift pit (300mm) being necessary to avoid 100-year-old drainage system running some 600mm underneath this pit.

How fast does the lift raise or fall…?

The lift carriage runs on plastic slides effortlessly @ 200mm per second, a good rate of travel with cushioned starts and stops, and being driven both up and down is at a constant speed -  when you push the button to call the lift down, arrival is predictable – you do not have to wait while lift sinks slowly to the bottom landing.

What options are there to furnish the inside of the enclosed domestic lift…?

The internal finish of the lift car is to primed or sealed for finishing on site to match the décor of the surroundings.

What services come with the domestic lifts that you design and build…?

We help with the council compliance for residential lifts – certified by independent NZ professional engineers on all of our New Zealand designed, manufactured and installed with your choice of builder.

We provide liaison and project management if required with all sub-contractors involved to ensure the best possible results from the beginning to the end of your project. The purchase, supply and installation of a household lift.

Are your lifts a standard size / one fits all or can they be customised…?

Our standard lift products that we offer are tried and tested models over many years and installs. With residential and light commercial lifts (goods lifts) the standard product can be modified to suit your needs. Our personnel are well versed and skilled in this process. Problem-solving is part of the brief - we will oblige with a no-obligation quote.

Are your lifts made in New Zealand…?

Our lift designs have been designed and developed in New Zealand to suit our homes and our light commercial markets. Large heavy platform lifts have been bread and butter to this company for many years - the lifts have been an offshoot from the design, manufacture and production of heavy vehicle hoists.

What safety features are included…?
All lift controls at the top and bottom of the lift or around the house are all 12VDC – so there are no risks of shocks. The Lift Control cabinet is secure, totally enclosed, and labelled. 
Safety interlocks.
- all lift access doors must be shut before lift platform can move from any of the landings, each door is controlled by a low voltage monitored electric strike plate.
- although the door may appear to be closed - if the monitor does not detect the tongue of the latch lift will not start.
- but in addition to this there is a small magnet set in every lift door with companion reed set opposite - no read, no go.
There are also manual overrides, square keys kept in the lift handrail and in pump cupboard.

Are there built in lights in the lift platform…?
Yes there are lights using LED illumination under the lift handrail
Four back lit LED push buttons are also on handrail plus you may choose to set a movement sensor and light in ceiling of lift shaft.